Developer, Athlete, Learner

Hi, I’m engine bai, 白昌永 (大白). I spend my day-to-day working as a App Developer and Lead. I’ve specifically been focused on Android/Flutter development for the past five years. I’m currently living in Taipei, Taiwan.

  • Love to code for building great products and personal growth.
  • Passionate about sharing my knowledge and contributing to projects.
  • Keep learning and focus on pursuing what I want.

My Goals

  1. Become a great developer and leader.
  2. Learn and grow, make a fortune to be finance Independent.
  3. Buy Porsche Macan S or Turbo.
  4. Own several lovely houses to enjoy our daily life.
  5. Travel around the world and go adventure.

Things I love

Reading + Travel + Photography + Hiking + Workout + Running + Swimming + Riding + Waterfulls chasing = ❤️❤️❤️


You can find me via Email, feel free to drop a message to me, or that would be great to sponsor my work below or Buy me a book!

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