This page lists all apps/projects that I’ve created and contributed.

It includes my apps, works, side projects, open source projects with a focus on Android apps, libraries and Python development. If you have more questions or further cooperation, don’t hesitate to contact me.

FunNow – Last Minute Unlimited

FunNow is an on-demand instant booking app that offers a guranteed reservation with the best price right where you are! It’s now available in Taipei, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Okinawa, Tokyo, Osaka, and Bangkok.

I’m currently a Frontend & App Team Lead & Android Developer at FunNow, really love the startup journay here.

FunNow Booking – Reservation Management App

An Android + iOS App developed by Flutter that provides the reservation management, business settings for merchant of restaurants.


A sample Android project (open source) using The Movie DB API based on MVVM architecture. It showcases the app development with well-designed architecture and up-to-date Android tech stacks.


An Android custom gallery library (open source) that users can select images/videos with different conditions such as image file size, video duration limit.

SWAG & Swagr – Videos/Photos Social App

A platform that you can share your premium photos/videos media to your followers, chat and interact with your fans. I was Android lead for the two apps, created from scratch.

Swagr is the app for content provider to broadcast / chat app to their follower.

October is the app that can watch or broadcast livestreaming.

Stock CLI & App – Investment

My personal stock investment tools that shows the company, finance statement and stock prices, calculates the high/low price based on revenue, helps me to buy or sell in a time series.


Python API (open source) to develop chatbot on Facebook Messenger Platform.

Personal portfolio chatbot on facebook messenger (unpublished), it acts like me to talk about my experiences, projects I built and my personality.


Android app project that integrates popular/latest news and inspiration from some important news sources for developers, designers and entrepreneurs.

More Projects

Movielol App – Android app (open source) that provides movie info and rating (好雷/負雷) from PTT movie board to help people determine whether to watch or not

EPA App – Environmental Protection Administration official app, my first android case job.

SwagPoints – An Android custom circular SeekBar (open source) that supports max/min range and step settings. This is demo of Android custom view (medium post)

Public Welfare App – Android development and product manager of social media platform, be in charge of apps re-design and development.

Styletrip – My first startup

My first startup, as the Co-founder and CTO, Styletrip is a trip search/recommend and schedule AI platform for tourismists, for the users, you just tell us where to travel, how many days, your budgets (options), then you get the suggested trip from our AI engine.

I was responsible for designing and implementing the core features based on Java: searching / recommendation / AI scheduling for the tourismists. Build data infrastructure (database and web crawlers) and machine learning algorithms (kNN / Bayers) for Styletrip.

Magazine Interviews

Business Next magazine interview in 2016. 

Tech Talks

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